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Leo Lapworth BSc (Hons.) - Senior Perl Developer London CV

Tel: http://leo.cuckoo.org/contact/
Email: leo at cuckoo.org
Driving license: Clean

A short version of this CV can be found at: http://leo.cuckoo.org/cv/short.html

Types of job I would be interested in (though I am not looking at present):

Senior Perl Developer / Team Leader with management responsibilities, around central / west London.


Web & Development SysAdmin Management
  • Perl
  • OO
  • Mod_perl
  • Cloud computing (ec2/ebs/s3) .
  • Apache web server
  • Server architecture.
  • Team management
  • Project management
  • SQL (MySQL)
  • Template Toolkit
  • (X)HTML
  • XML / DTDs / XPath
  • Puppet
  • *nix SysAdmin
  • Debian packaging & deployment
  • Specifications
  • Standards
  • Microsoft Visio
  • Titanium iPhone Apps
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • DNS / Exim etc
  • Git / gitalist / subversion
  • MailMan
  • Majordomo
  • Time management


Friendly, high self motivation / initiative as well as the ability to work with others and to problem solve quickly.

Work Experience:

Foxtons - Senior Web Developer / Web Manager

July 2001 - Present

Foxtons estate agents had a small team of inexperienced perl developers. I was asked to join as the senior developer and quickly took on managing the team as well.

Initially the focus was development of a new site, though at the same time I implemented significant automation of all systems and started improving the technical abilities of the existing members of the team.

The team I now run are constantly trying to maintain the "market leading" status which we have achieved for the Foxtons website, the awards which we have received is a testament to this. Since joining Foxtons the traffic on the UK site has gone from 2 million page impressions a month to over 21 million.

A few of the many projects I have run are: working with Akamai/edge networks for the USA (when it existed) and UK Foxtons websites, plasma screen display and monitoring systems for the shop front offices, internal motivation personalised dashboards and intranets. iPhone application development. The list is too numerous to fully expand upon here.

Cloudband.com - DBA / Developer

April 2001 - June 2001

Cloudband required me to redesign their database schema and migrate the existing (2 years worth of) data into the new postgreSQL schema. I approached this by creating an XML document and DTD describing the new schema (60+ tables) and a perl script which would create both the documentation (something which was non-existent) and the database creation code from the XML. I then created a migration OO module to assist with the data migration and testing of the data's validity.

Torrington Interactive Ltd - Senior Developer

Feb 2001 - End March 2001

In my short time at Torrington (another causality of the Internet low), I designed and created several systems and projects:
Agents - creating an agent to gather information from the web / mailing lists / news
Mail Analyzer - comparing information on subscribers to multiple mailing lists.
Technology comparisons, comparing HTML::Template with Template Toolkit.

Emap Online - Technical Manager

April 2000 - Jan 2001

Emap Online: www.emaponline.com was the award winning online division of Emap PLC, one of the worlds largest publishing companies.

As Technical Manager I was able to build a strong team of people and guide the teams development to a point where we had invested sufficient time to drastically reduce project development costs through a set of standard approaches. This has made Digital TV versions of our sites and XML feeds of our content very simple to implement.

We had just finished the development of several key systems, one of which allowed the full integration of all location information (from resort guides to piest maps) across all the travel Products in the companies portfolio.

I was responsible for all day to day issues relating to the technical team, which included the management of the four permanent staff working for me and any contractors we might be using. Once a specification had been created for a project it was my responsibility to raise any issues before allowing development to start. When a project had been signed off I was required to Project manage all technical aspects and liaise with the other areas of the company; from design to commercial and content.

I was still actively developing, creating a new system for the Escaperoutes site which included a generic shopping basket system.

Emap Online - Technical Operations Manager

August 1999 - April 2000

As Technical Operations Manager I was responsible for the day to day running off all the company servers; 14 Solaris machines, a linux box and an NT server. I was also responsible for creating and implementing infrastructure and security policies, as well as personalised email list systems. I was the line manager for the Technical Operations Assistant.

During my time as Technical Operations Manager I devised and implemented a new web server farm. The primary goal of this network was to make our sites fast, resilient and reliable. This was accomplished by using firewalls and load balancing with front end servers which proxy to back end application machines. Implementing the new server farm also included the full configuration of the servers and a new set of standards for development which allowed better logging of information and easier sharing of functionality between sites and versions.

I also remained the technical contact for A2bFlights.com (as I developed the site from scratch) and Bargainholidays.com as well as working on other projects when it was required.

Emap Online - Network Manager - Webmaster / Internet developer

August 1997 - August 1999

As Network Manger my primary responsibility was the servers. From ordering and liaising with hosting companies to maintenance and development, for all 9 servers (Web, DNS, Mail and Office) which were hosted on an array of machines (Sun Solaris, linux and NT).

I spent the bulk of my time developing and maintaining several of the companies web sites (Bargainholidays.com, Whatsonstage.com, The Digital City Network) as well as working with others in the technical team on all of Emap Online's products which were coded predominantly in Perl using DBI and MySql. I created numerous web editing systems and user interfaces to databases, including versions for Web, Digital TV, Palm Pilots and other Mobile devices. Regularly working with third parties required that I communicated methods and ideas for development (both technical and personal) between us.

I was often used for problem solving and fire fighting within the company as I had a broad knowledge of all systems as well as being able to quickly comprehend and find requirements for a solution.

Channel D Ltd - Webmaster / Net Software Engineer.

June 1996 - July 1997

My duties included setting up and running Internet and Intranet servers (including editing systems) for small to medium sized companies. I used HTML, CGI and Perl to implement a range of projects from shopping baskets to online database interfaces. This job allowed me to develop my TCP/IP networking and PC support skills.

Inter-Action Ltd. - PC training / support

July 1995 - Sept 1995

I worked for Inter-action as their technical support, updating and troubleshooting the PC systems and training other members of staff how to use the new software.


  • BSc (Hons) Psychology - Essex University
  • A-levels: Maths, Politics, Geography - LA SWAP 6th form.
  • GCSEs: 8 (A-C), 1 D - Stoke Newington School.

Other Experience:

London.pm Leader

I was elected leader of the London Perl Mongers at the end of October 2010

Just Amazing Cards: iPhone apps

In July 2010 I launched Just Amazing Cards an iPhone app with my brother.


In July 2010 I helped co-ordinate the migration of Perl.com from O'Reilly publishers to TPF.


In December 2009 I redesigned and cleaned up the Perl.org websites, starting with the main www.perl.org site, I also recoded Learn, DBI, QA, Dev

MighTyV: http://www.mightyv.com/

MighTyV is a TV listings website, we won the BBC Backstage compeition - see the about page for more info.

My Own Servers

I have my own servers on the internet (2 debian boxes) which I SysAdmin and host several friends sites (DNS / Email / Mailing lists / Blogs / Web / DB etc).


I am a member of the London Perl Mongers group and take an active part in the perl community. I am also a CPAN author. I ran the London.pm web site: http://london.pm.org for a while as well.

Current Open Source Projects

Can be viewed at http://leo.cuckoo.org/projects/

All2cool: gadget review site

Jan 2000 - 2008
I was the sole technical person on this site which went been through many incarnations.

The Cuckoo's Nest: www.cuckoo.org

Sept 1995 - present day
This is a web site I run with several friends. It was initially planned as a community portal but it was decided that there were to many other similar sites.

Inter-Action - Advisor to the Youth-Tech Advisory panel for Inter-Action

April 1997 - June 1999
Inter-Action was a London based charity working in the IT field, training underprivileged Londoners (mainly people aged 14 to 25) in the use of computers and multimedia tools. My role on the advisory panel was to offer technical knowledge of the Internet. I helped devise and teach a peer training system in business and computer skills for peer trainers working with Inter-Action. This course was run both in the UK and Russia.


University of Essex computer society - Webmaster, teacher & founder member.
Sept 1994 - June 1996
Prompt was the second largest society on campus, we developed it to help teach each other Unix and to improve the Universities software libraries. Eventually Prompt diversified to teaching courses on using the University computer system. I taught several courses in web page creation and how to use email programs. I also created and maintained the societies web site.

Last updated: March 2006
Location: http://leo.cuckoo.org/cv/

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