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What's this site about ?

Well, me, Leo Lapworth Senior perl developer and perl monger.

I also thought I should really have a place to keep all the bits I've done over the years as after having been working with perl, on the internet since (quick calculation) 1994, and actually working in the field since 1996 I've managed to amass lots of stuff on many different sites I'm involved in and on many different servers.

So this is me trying to put some sort of order on all that, whether I achieve this or not is a different matter.

Who am I ?

If you don't know, then why are you bothering to look at my site? I'm not going to do the "My name is bob (which it isn't) and I like computers bit (true, but sounds like geek to me - which I am, but this protrudes all sorts of nasty images which just isn't true, anyway I digress)".

To know who I am, look around this site, or turn up to one of the London Perl Mongers meets as I am often there, or catch me on irc.perl.org #London.pm. You could always look at my CV.

Who am I not ?

I am not a designer, nor am I an english teacher (this site is for me to quickly put stuff up on - so I don't even spell check it) - sorry!

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