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What are these projects ?

This is a collection of open source projects / technical notes I have worked on, some current, some ancient

Mini Canvases

Imageeasel is a company run by my brother producing miniature canvas prints from your own images. I helped him to build the website (his design, my tech).


In August 2012 I redesigned this site from scratch.


In March 2011 I reviewed/rewrote most of the content on www.cpan.org I also implemented a new design.


In March 2011 I launched this Perl news site with Dave Cross, which targets major announcements within the Perl community.

Just Amazing Cards

In July 2010 released my first personal iPhone app. Just Amazing Cards. It was my brothers idea and he did all the design work.


In April 2010 I managed the Gitalist project web interface redesigned (thanks to Foxtons for donating designer time). This is not only the website but the actual application itself

Perl.org white papers

In March 2010 I started writing and organising Perl White Papers on Perl.org


In Jan 2010 I took on running and maintaining Perlsphere.net.


In December 2009 I revamped most of the Perl.org websites, starting with the main www.perl.org site, I also recoded Learn, DBI, QA, Dev. I am now one of the maintainers of these sites.

DBIx::Class for (advanced) beginners - talk

Introduction to DBIx::Class, presented at London Perl Workshop (2008, 2009 & 2010) as well as YAPC::EU 2010 you can find out more here

Evolving architecture talks

Two talks I have done for YAPC::Europe you can find out more here


Leon Brocard and I entered the BBC Backstage competition and Won! The results of our hard work can be seen at http://www.mightyv.com/. Make sure to check out the 'about' page to see all the features it has. Loen and I did a talk at the 2005 London Perl Workshop about MighTyV.com, you can Download a PDF of the presentation.

Pages, results and caching

"Pages, results and caching" is a talk I shall give at the London Perl Workshop on December 11th 2004.

Data::Pageset Talk

Here is a talk I did for London.pm on Data::Pageset, it's a bit rought and ready but might be of use, Read here.. or download tar here.

Muppet intro for YAPC::Europe

Leon Brocard suggested one day that everyone started humming the them tune to the Muppets and try to get as many people in the office to join in (subconsciously).

This got me thinking about the up coming YAPC::Europe (2002) and with the help (ok she did most of it) of my partner Kerrie we rewrote the words to the intro and I asked the designer at work to create a flash movie of the results. Unfortunately this never got shown at YAPC::Europe, due to a combination of bad timing and bad hardware. Anyway, the Muppet Intro is available for your enjoyment.

Random Image Generator

A friend needed this for a site he was creating but didn't want to have to admin a config file for the links as well as the images. Check it out and use it if you like. Though do remember NMS Scripts.

Phil Lapworth

I created my dad's website Psychotherapy, Counselling and Supervision near Bath you might recognise the design.

Laurie Lapworth

I built my brothers website, he is a Photographer near Bath


I've submitted a few patches to various open source projects, here is a list.


Text::vCard is used to parse a vCard formatted file into a perl object with accessor methods. It can be downloaded from http://search.cpan.org/dist/Text-vCard/, Subversion


This perl object inherits from Data::Page and adds additional functionality so that one can create page sets rather than having one massive list of pages. Latest version can be downloaded from http://search.cpan.org/dist/Data-Pageset/, Subversion


This perl module makes creating presentation quality SVG graphs from any data source very easy, with many display options; key, title, sub title, x-lables, y-lables etc. http://search.cpan.org/dist/SVG-TT-Graph/, Subversion, Examples


This module created by my self and Fancoise Dehinbo uses Apache::AuthenNTLM as a base class so that you can use the fact that IE will send the users Windows login details (if the server is trusted and the option is turned on) and authenticate the user against the Windows Network PDC. This is mostly useful for intranets so that users don't have to login.

Our extention of the module means that a cookie is set with the users login name so that they are not authenticated for every page request and also allowing other scripts to access this info.

The module can be extended so that one is able to add any information you like (should you want to look up the users email address or something in a DB) to the cookie. http://search.cpan.org/dist/Apache-AuthCookieNTLM/, Subversion


This module exports from Apple Address Book and generates HTML pages. http://search.cpan.org/dist/Mac-Glue-Apps-AddressBookExport/ , Subversion

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