Leo Lapworth

Open Source Technologist and Team Lead

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What's this site about ?

Leo Lapworth

Well, me.. Leo Lapworth technologist, developer and manager (sometimes known as Ranguard around the internet)

I needed to have a place to keep all the bits I've done over the years, after having been working with Perl, on the internet since (quick calculation) 1994, and actually working in the field since 1996 I've managed to amass lots of stuff on many different sites and projects I've been involved in.

This is me trying to put some sort of order on all that, whether I achieve this or not is a different matter.

Who am I ?

I'm an experienced open source technologist, with a strong background in Perl, websites, infrastructure, running projects and teams. I've been interested in the serverless paradigm, microservices and TypeScript/Node.js; for a while now and have enjoyed working in this way.

I am looking for my next opportunity

Checkout my CV, Open Source work, Talks I have given or Projects I have worked on to find out more.

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