# Personal projects

Various non-work sites and projects that I have been involved in, interesting and fun projects that were great at the time.

# Websites / Apps

# Mini Canvases deactivated

# 2012

Imageeasel.com was a company run by my brother producing miniature canvas prints from your own images. I helped him to build the website, including image upload and payment portal.

# Just Amazing Cards - iOS greeting card app deactivated

# 2010

In July 2010 I released my first personal iPhone app. It was my brother's idea and he did all the design work. You could record messages, integrate your own photos, choose backgrounds, borders, messages, fonts, etc and email the generated output to someone. Demo video.

# MighTyV.com deactivated

# 2005

Leon Brocard and I entered the BBC Backstage competition and won! The results of our hard work could be seen at http://www.mightyv.com/ (wayback). Make sure to check out the 'about' page to see all the features it had. Leon and I did a talk at the 2005 London Perl Workshop about MighTyV.com. You can view our presentation.

# All2cool: gadget review site deactivated

# Jan 2000 - 2008

I was the sole technical person on this site, which went been through many incarnations.

# Phil Lapworth active

I created my dad's website Psychotherapy, Counselling and Supervision near Bath.

# Laurie Lapworth active

I built my brothers website, he is a Photographer near Bath.

# Olivia Lousada active

I build my mum's website, Hidden Twins.

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