# Open source

Open source work I currently do, or have done over the years. Mostly taking on roles that no one else wants! Be that sysadmin, editor or html code cleaner, along with developing modules and submitting patches to other open source projects.

# White camel

# 2011

I received the Perl White Camel Community Award for some of the work listed below.

# London.pm Member and Leader

# Since 1998 (leader for: Nov 2010 - April 2012)

I was elected leader of the London Perl Mongers. Big plans, but lack of time! Honored my commitment to let others organise both technical and social events. Seem me as part of the LPW 2018: "I'm a Former London.PM Leader - Ask Me Anything" - Panel Discussion

# Websites

# MetaCPAN.org active

# 2012 - present

I act as the systems administrator, having written most of the Puppet setup, I also run the Fastly CDN config and the Honeycomb.io integrations. This site is now run across 2 data centers (EU and US) with Elasticsearch backup for assurance of continuity. Limiting the bus factor has always been important for me.

# *.Perl.org active

# December 2009 - present

I revamped most of the Perl.org websites, starting with the main www.perl.org site, I also re-coded and either edited or replaced most of the copy for learn (including introduction videos), DBI, QA, Dev. I am still one of the 3 maintainers of these sites.

# Perlsphere.net active

# Jan 2010 - present

Took on running and maintaining Perlsphere.net.

# Perl.com completed

# July 2010

I helped co-ordinate the migration of Perl.com from O'Reilly publishers to The Perl Foundation.

# www.pm.org completed

# August 2012

I redesigned www.pm.org from scratch.

# www.cpan.org completed

# March 2011

I reviewed/rewrote most of the content on www.cpan.org I also implemented a new design.

# PerlNews.org deactivated

# March 2011

I launched the Perl news site with Dave Cross, which targeted major announcements within the Perl community. Now that Perl.com is active again we have redirected to there.

# Perl Modules

# PerlFAQ

I am one of the maintainers of the official PerlFAQ.

# Text::vCard

Text::vCard is used to parse a vCard formatted file into a Perl object with accessor methods. It can be downloaded from https://metacpan.org/release/Text-vCard/

# Data::Pageset

This Perl object inherits from Data::Page and adds additional functionality so that one can create page sets rather than having one massive list of pages. Latest version can be downloaded from https://metacpan.org/release/Data-Pageset/

# SVG::TT::Graph

This Perl module makes creating presentation quality SVG graphs from any data source very easy (it was created before D3.js and other such libraries existed), with many display options; key, title, sub title, x-lables, y-lables etc. https://metacpan.org/release/SVG-TT-Graph/, Examples

# Net::Amazon::S3

I am the maintainer of https://metacpan.org/release/Net-Amazon-S3, specifically to get other people's patches merged and released.

# Apache::AuthCookieNTLM

This module created by myself and Fancoise Dehinbo uses Apache::AuthenNTLM as a base class so that you can use the fact that IE will send the users Windows login details (if the server is trusted and the option is turned on) and authenticate the user against the Windows Network PDC. This is mostly useful for intranets so that users don't have to login.

Our extension of the module means that a cookie is set with the user's login name so that they are not authenticated for every page request and also allowing other scripts to access this info.

The module can be extended so that one is able to add any information you like (should you want to look up the users email address or something in a DB) to the cookie.


# Mac::Glue::Apps::AddressBookExport

This module exports from Apple Address Book and generates HTML pages. https://metacpan.org/release/Mac-Glue-Apps-AddressBookExport

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